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Why We for Sri Lanka Marriage Proposals?

Are you seeking for Sri Lanka wedding proposals (mangala yojana) for you or your loved ones?, the Sri Lanka matrimonial website is the finest choice to find Sri Lanka marriage proposals, from thousands of Sri Lanka brides and grooms wedding proposals which are cataloged. We are one of the best Sri Lanka matrimonial website with excellent privacy measures, have systemized Sri Lankan brides and grooms wedding proposals in an easy to search manner. The marriage proposals documented in our matrimonial (mangala sewaya) website are from Sri Lankan brides and grooms from all over the island and Sri Lankans who lives in abroad.

Wedding Proposals

With our easy to 'search function' you can easily filter the Sri Lankan manaliyo (bride) or manalayo (groom) by giving your own criteria about your dream boy or dream girl, and easily find the Sri Lankan marriage proposals and connect with wedding proposals quickly. Not only the availability of 'search function' to find mangala kinkini (marriage proposal) faster, we have categorized our Sri Lankan proposals by district, religion (Buddhist marriage proposals, Catholic wedding proposals) etc, and offer more flexibility and easiness on finding soulmates with us, your Sri Lanka matrimonial service.

Wedding Proposals Sri Lanka

Experienced Sri Lanka Matrimonial Service

With years of experience in Sri Lanka matrimonial industry, we had arranged hundreds of successful weddings in Sri Lanka and abroad. We are glad to announce that we are the reason behind many happy marriages for the marriage proposals who have registered with our Sri Lanka matrimonial service. If you are looking forward a happy married life for you or your son, daughter, sister, brother, relative or friend, click 'Register' button above and register with our matrimonial service, and find the Sri Lankan bride or groom fast.

Wedding Proposal Sri Lanka

Showcasing Sri Lankan Wedding Proposals with High Level of Privacy

Wedding Proposal in Sri Lanka

We take this opportunity to thank our team, well-wishers and customers for being with us so far, who are the secret of our success. With the match making experts in our team, together with IT professionals, we are able to launch a Sri Lanka matrimonial website with high level of privacy in concern. Compare to other matrimonial services in the market, we do not display photographs or telephone numbers of our members in public. Even other registered members cannot see the photographs or telephone numbers without approval from the member in question.

Wedding Proposal

With such facility, we ensure the privacy of our Sri Lankan brides and grooms who are registered with us, and we help to find their soulmates in a secured way without disturbing their privacy. A registered member of our Sri Lanka matrimonial service, can see other members full details with chart. If interested he/she can send a request to others (the member in interest) asking their photograph, and if other member approves the photograph, there is an option to request phone number. On such way, the Sri Lanka brides and grooms in our website can see others photographs and phone numbers, and communicate themselves directly without any other third party interference.

Sri Lankan Wedding Proposals

On top of maintaining the privacy of our brides and grooms, we are glad that we are in behind the scenes of creating magic between two hearts. Our hearts are filled with gallons of joy by connecting thousands of hearts in happy marriages. If you are searching for a life partner for you or someone who knows you, join with us today to find the soulmate quickly with us, the leading Sri Lanka marriage service.

Sri Lankan Matrimonial Sites

Variety of Sri Lanka Wedding Proposals Registered with Us has marriage proposals for Sri Lankans from almost all the backgrounds. On a wedding proposal listing in our matrimonial website, we list the entire facts about the Sri Lankan bride or groom and horoscope, for other grooms or brides to see and connect with. A Sri Lanka marriage proposal listing of our matrimonial service contains, the date of birth, profile number (this is unique for each proposal listing), religion, caste, nekatha, ganaya, lagnaya, nawansakaya, height, weight, complexion, marital status, country of residence, birth city, current living city, educational details (qualifications), job details (job sector, monthly income etc), eating habits, family details, and partner preference details of the bride or groom.

Sri Lanka Matrimonial Services

We have marriage proposals from doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, executives, finance experts, software engineers, IT experts, businessmen, managing directors, government servants and more, with doctorate, master degree, degree, advanced level educational background. We have come across the wedding proposals who consider 'caste' as a key factor of wedding, on the other hand there are marriage proposals who do not account 'caste' on their weddings. For the marriage proposals which consider caste as a key element of wedding, we have listed caste in the marriage proposal listings of our website.

Sri Lanka Matrimonial Service

In our Sri Lanka matrimonial service platform, we have wedding proposals showcased from almost all the castes in use in Sri Lankan community, but not limited to Govi, Salagama, Radala, Rajaka, Karava, Rodiya, Durava etc. Other than the caste factor, we have Sinhala speaking Sri Lankan grooms and brides who follow Buddhism or Roman Catholic religion, and expect Sinhala either Buddhist or Catholic life partner.

Sri Lanka Marriage Proposals

Sri Lanka Divorce Marriage Proposals

For some the first marriage may not be a successful fruit to taste, but the second does. If you are seeking for divorce marriage proposals in Sri Lanka, in our Sri Lanka matrimonial service we have divorced grooms and brides who have joined with us and searching for a divorced or separated Sri Lankan life partner. With existence of our marriage proposal 'search' function in our website, you can filter the divorced proposals from various communities, ages etc, and connect with the divorce wedding proposals which match and meet your interests and expectations for second wedding.

Divorce Proposals Sri Lanka

No Match Making Commission When Marriage is Fixed does not charge any big amount of broker commissions or match making commissions when the wedding is fixed. Sri Lankan brides and grooms can connect with other parties via the package which is selected when activating their profile. To activate the wedding proposal in our matrimonial site, there is small registration fees exists which can be paid via bank transfer or in person at our outlet in Colombo 04. Based on the selected package, the members are limited to connect with number of brides or grooms. The details of package and number of members to connect can be viewed during the registration process via online, by clicking above 'Register' button.

Proposal Marriage Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Matrimonial Service with 24 X 7 Access

With the help of modern information technology, we are able to deliver our matrimonial services 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week via our Sri Lanka matrimonial website, Such facility adds flexibility for our members to access the Sri Lanka marriage proposals listed with us, at any time they are free. Compare to traditional match making services, is proud to use the technology to deliver better accessibility and easy to use matrimonial website platform, for its brides and grooms to find their Sri Lankan soulmate for happy married life.

Online Marriage Proposals

Access Anywhere Our Sri Lankan Wedding Proposals

You can have access to Sri Lanka wedding proposals recorded in our matrimonial platform from anywhere in the World with internet access. We ensured that our Sri Lanka matrimonial website is accessible in all the desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. Our mangala yojana (wedding proposals) website is responsive to variety of devices, and adds our members to experience better, easy to navigate matrimonial web-based platform regardless of the device they are using to access marriage proposals documented.

Online Marriage Proposal

Sri Lanka Marriage Proposals with Photos & Phone Numbers

Our matrimonial service (mangala kinkini) is a member-driven mangala yojana website. Members can connect with other members by requesting Sri Lankan grooms' or brides' photos or phone numbers via online. If you are registered member in our matrimonial website for Sri Lankan grooms and brides, you can view other Sri Lankan brides or grooms mangala yojana profiles, and if you are interested with the details of the wedding proposal listings, and if chart is matching with your chart (if you consider chart as key for marriage), you can request for photo of Sri Lankan bride or groom simply by clicking 'contact this profile' button on top of the wedding proposal listing page.

Matrimonial Services

Upon such a photo request, the other party to whom you have sent the request will be notified via email about your request to view their photograph. Then, they will view your marriage proposal listing and if they are interested with your wedding proposal, they may approve your request to view photograph. Similar way, you also may receive a request to view your photograph and you may approve it.

Matrimonial Service Sri Lanka

If you are happy with the Sri Lankan marriage proposal's photo, now you will have option to request their phone number by clicking 'contact this profile' button on top or bottom area of the marriage proposal listing. In the same way which you have gained access to Sri Lanka groom's or bride's photo, you will have access to their phone number too. By getting their phone number, you can discuss further about your wedding with other party directly. On such way, you can have access to Sri Lankan marriage proposals with phone number and photos via

Matrimonial Service

Unlimited Access to Marriage Proposals

We are the most trusted Sri Lankan matrimonial service with large number of marriage proposals in hand. Our registered members can have access to full details of marriage proposals listed in our website, and easily connect with the interested proposals. Not only that, as a leading matrimonial service in Sri Lanka, we are receiving many proposal listings everyday, and our members have access to all existing proposal listings and the newly listed marriage proposals too. Register with us, your trusted matrimonial service to find your dream partner today among thousands of active Sri Lankan proposals listed in our website.

Marriage Proposals Sri Lanka

How to Register Your Marriage Proposal with Us

You can register your mangala yojana (proposal) listing with us easily via online, by clicking 'Register' button on top. After registering process, in order to active your marriage proposal and make it LIVE on our Sri Lanka matrimonial platform, you have to activate your proposal listing, to do so there are packages available. You can see our package details during the registration process via online.

Marriage Proposals

The sensitive details which you share during wedding proposal registration process are not available in public, considering your privacy. Only your profile number, date of birth, religion, mother tongue, height, weight, complexion, food habit, number of sisters & brothers details are visible in public for others to see. For registered members who are logged into our website, they can see your full details other than your email address, telephone number, name and photograph.

Marriage Proposal Sri Lanka

The interested registered brides or grooms may send request to photos or phone numbers, and if you are too interested with those Sri Lankan marriage proposals, you can proceed further communication with them. That means, your photographs or phone numbers are not accessible for other parties without your permission, in other words, you control your marriage proposal listing with us, you decide to whom you can show your photograph and to whom you can show your phone number. On top of these, even for registered members, your name or email address are not accessible, you can exchange those details when you are communicating with them directly over the phone.

Your Sri Lankan Wedding Proposal Listing Does NOT Expire Till You Marry

Having our customers' success in mind, we do not set any expiry date to the marriage proposals register with us. When our registered members inform us that their wedding is fixed, then we deactivate their wedding proposal listing from our Sri Lanka matrimonial platform, until that their marriage proposal will be on active status. When a marriage proposal listing is on active status, that will be shown to other members who are seeking for Sri Lankan brides or grooms with us, may be promoted via our marketing channels to attract more suitable Sri Lankan wedding proposals (promotions are subjected to the business's final decision, the members have no control on it), may receive photo request or phone number request from other members of the matrimonial platform, may search for marriage proposals, may view other wedding proposals details etc.

Marriage Proposal

But based on the package chosen during activation, the number of photo requests you can send to other Sri Lankan marriage proposals and the number of contact number requests you can send are limited. Even though you exceed limits of your number of photo requests or phone number requests, your profile may be still on active status (other than if it is not reported by other members for any violations of our terms and conditions or any misbehavior attempts), still you may get photo or contact request from other proposal listings, and still you can view their marriage proposal listings, and approve requests to you from other Sri Lanka wedding proposals.

Mangala Yojana Sri Lanka

How to Find Sri Lankan Bride or Groom with Us – A Quick Look

Mangala Kinkini

Your Soulmate is Few Clicks Away in Our Mangala Yojana (Wedding Proposals) Website

The most trusted match making service the welcomes you to register your wedding proposal with us and find your soulmate quickly and easily with us. Finding your soulmate is just few clicks away, with the help of our modern matrimonial service. Simply join with us, activate your marriage proposal listing, log in, explore our thousands of Sri Lanka marriage proposal listings with excitement, spot wedding proposals listings which meet your interest & gain your impression, check their chart (if it is must), initiate connection by sending photo request, upon photo approval, still if you are impressed, request phone number and connect with your soulmate, and result in happy wedded life.

Mangala Yojana Sri Lanka

Become Our Happy Customer with Your Sri Lanka Wedding Proposal Listing Today

Many happy couples who found their soulmates with us are praising us for our matrimonial service, and still recommending us for their family, relatives and friends. By checking our reviews section, you can see some of our customers' direct comment about our Sri Lanka wedding proposals listings, and our matrimonial service. Flash your Sri Lanka wedding proposal with us today and gem your soulmate faster.

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